Our Services
  1. 9:00 am - SUNDAY Bible Study
    Bring your bibles and join our early morning gathering, facilitated by Keith Brilliant. Always a very stimulating study!
    Christ Church emphasizes a personal commitment to prayer and study of the word of God. Each member of the congregation is encouraged to create their won devotion time with the Lord. From basic discipleship 101 to topical studies, our early Sunday morning discussion group and study has the opportunity for questions and comments.
  2. 10:00 am - SUNDAY WORSHIP
    CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP - with a few hymns added in on occasion.
    Praise and worship are such an intricate part of the Sunday service experience at Christ Church and we encourage everyone to get engaged. It is our main objective to enter into the presence of God so that the congregation is impacted. Our weekly worship team consists of guitars, bass, piano, keyboard, congas and drums and 4 vocals. Songs are selected from a contemporary Christian worship song list that include Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and Hillsong, along with others.
  3. Children's Church and Nursery
    Our adjacent newly renovated unit, houses our children's church with upstairs youth center. Both children's church and nursery available!
    Every Sunday morning our children have their own building to enter into to receive quality Christian education. The curriculum is contemporary and conducive for reaching today's youth. Our new unit at Town Line Rd. in Wolcott is dedicated to children's ministry.
  4. Mid-week Services @ 7pm
    Presently we are discussing the topic of our identity in Christ.
    Whom Am I In The Kingdom of God? Wed Night Bible Study CHRIST CHURCH - 16 Townline Rd. - Wolcott CT